Men found with sophisticated ATM skimming equipment

File picture of skimming equipment

Column picture of skimming equipment

The men were pulled over and searched in the Raheny square footage of north Dublin on Tuesday evening.

Gardai discovered specialist machines which can be tolerant of for skimming.

The men were arrested and last night were being questioned at Raheny Garda Station.

“This was a altogether good capture and these individuals were caught with shipments of stuff which is still being analysed,” a source bid.

“All the indications are that they are members of an organised gang heavily elaborate in this type of crime.”

Skimming involves criminals placing spy cameras on ATMs.

In days gone by installed, they are used to record data and PIN numbers from human being’s cards at the ATM.

The criminals then use the information from cloned cards to disclaim cash at different locations around the world.

Gardai are trying to show if the men arrested on Tuesday are linked to a gang that was busted at Dublin Airport in November 2013, when three Romanian nationals were halted and two sophisticated skimming machines were found.

It is understood that gardai are in a family way an influx of foreign criminals to come into the country for the St trick’s Day and Easter Be produced celebrations.

Gardai have been monitoring the activities of an Eastern European wrong gang who have been involved in ATM skimming and distraction robberies in discoveries such as Ranelagh and Blanchardstown in Dublin, Ashbourne and Dunboyne in Meath, as properly as Wicklow, Cork and Galway already this year.

In October 2014, it become ap rented that gangsters were installing skimming devices on machines interior shops for the first time.

Gardai launched Operation Glint in January 2012 to objective ATM thieves after banks reported a rise in the number of skimming facts, and this investigation is still ongoing.

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