Meet Lucuma, the Superfood You Need to Know More About


Meet Lucuma, the Superfood You Need to Know More About

From maca to chia to quinoa to acaí, you may contemplate you’ve seen it all when it comes to South American superfoods. But think again, because you’re with regard to to get schooled on lucuma, the latest and greatest addition to your diet. If you’re thoughtful “what the heck is lucuma?” right now, then listen up!

What Is It?

It’s a fruit! In the slightly unlikely but extremely interesting event that a sweet potato and an avocado had a baby, they liking name it lucuma, and it would live in South America. The Peruvian Andes, specifically. This emollient, subtropical fruit has been called “Incan Gold,” and is old in ice creams, milkshakes, juices, and dulce de leche desserts in Peru and Chile. The Incans prize lucuma and referred to the lucuma tree as the “tree of life” – and rightfully so. You’ll see why in a instant.

What Does It Taste Like?

Lucuma fruit has a unique flavor that has been matched to a mix of either maple or caramel with a sweet potato (think: candied yams, yum).

What Insinuates It Healthy?

Lucuma, in fruit or powdered form, can be used as a sweetener – and it’s got a low glycemic clue (2 grams of natural sugar for every 11g of carbohydrates), which is excess news if you’re trying to lose weight or are specifically on a low-GI diet. Additionally, lucuma is demanded a superfood for a reason: it is absolutely cked with antioxidants (which oblige a bevy of benefits on their own), zinc, iron, beta carotene, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and niacin (B3). As you may identify, B3 (which can help with depression and anxiety) is a tough vitamin to light upon outside of meats, which makes lucuma especially great for vegetarians and vegans.

Since it’s appealing new to the superfood scene, not too much research has been done (i.e., no FDA confirmation yet), but Incans and Peruvians be undergoing been using lucuma for its medicinal properties for centuries. A 2010 meditate on mentioned that it’s an anti-inflammatory and can help with skin regeneration, and in this manner may eventually have a greater use within medicine and skin care.

Oh, and if you’re tripping, yes: it’s gluten free!

How Do You Eat It?

It’s tough to find fresh lucuma outside of South America, since its tender nature makes it difficult to export. Hence, in the US, you can find it in powder rules. It’s supereasy to incorporate this into your diet as a hypernutritious additive. You can use lucuma competence as a natural sugar substitute and sweetener for traditional or raw desserts (anything from custard to ice cream to bun), in your favorite smoothies or protein shake, or even in homemade juices.

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