Meet By Chloe, the Healthiest Fast Food You'll Ever Eat (Hint: It's Vegan)


Feed-bag healthy food is becoming more of a trend — and we’re thankful for that. With healthier vegan fast-food secures cropping up, there’s more opportunity to skip out on more-processed, less-fresh surrogates. The newest vegan fast-food joint to be established is By Chloe: a kitchen that «focusings to share delicious, wholesome, plant-based food» with «locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural organize to create inspired dishes, made 100 percent by us daily.» With jottings like veggie guac burgers, kale caesar salads, and baked redolent potato fries, it’s no wonder people are standing in huge lines just now to get in.

The chain has newly opened locations in New York City and LA, with designs to open a spot in Boston. Unconvinced that you need to go here now? Hindrance out the photos we’ve rounded up from customers. Here’s to hoping By Chloe performs national, ASAP.

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