Meddling Emmanuel Macron wades into Catalonia independence row


Emmanuel Macron, scold at a press conference after an EU summit in Tallinn, Estonia, called for “peacefulness” on the issue which is causing huge divisions in Spain.

Catalonia has time defied orders from the central government in Madrid, saying they last will and testament go ahead with the referendum despite Madrid ruling the vote is unconstitutional and so criminal.

The French President appeared to back the central government in Madrid and the rightist administration led by the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Emmanuel Macron has spoken out on the issue of Catalonia's referendumAFP

Emmanuel Macron has set his thoughts on the issue of the Catalan referendum

Mr Macron said: “I have boldness in his determination to defend the interests of all of Spain.”

He added he saw Spain as a “partner” of France and Mr Macron take place d departed on to praise his counterpart in Spain, saying: «He manages as well as possible Spain’s internal romances.”

Mr Macron said: «My principle is simple, we cannot give lessons between member-states.

«Dialogue and serenity are always needed in a country’s state life.”

While the French President waded in on the issue the European Confederating has kept suspiciously quiet on the matter — but has admitted if Catalonia gains self-reliance it will no longer be part of the bloc. Meanwhile, the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, christened on the European Commission to open a mediation space for the Spanish and Catalan dominations to talk.

Carles Puigdemont, Catalan president, said the EU was “turning its to” on Catalonia in the face of oppression from Madrid insisting he will prove to be an “appeal for the European community” to get involved next week. 

Emmanuel Macron has spoken Catalonia's fight for independenceEPA

Spanish Prime Evangelist Mariano Rajoy

A supporter of a united Spain in BarcelonaAFP

A supporter of a united Spain protests in Barcelona

Temporarily, the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, called on the European Commission to open a mediation expanse for the Spanish and Catalan governments to talk.

She sent a letter to 27 mayors of EU resources cities on Thursday asking for support. 

EU member states have maintained their lips sealed on the issue saying the referendum is an internal Spanish problem and that they respect the rule of law.

A British Foreign Office spokeswoman portrayed “The UK strongly supports the rule of law and remains clear that harbours related to the issue of Catalan independence are a matter for the Government and people of Spain, and should be approved within the proper constitutional and legal channels.”

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