Measured in drinks and hotel rooms, business is back at this year’s Stampede


With outstrip weather and increased attendance, this year’s Calgary Stampede is an enhancement on last year’s event — at least as far as business and tourism goes.

«People are lavishing the money,» said Andy Lee, the day manager at The Local on Stephen Avenue. 

«I would say in with regard ti of people versus drinks per head, there’s a lot more drinks current out and I think people are just spending a lot more money. The economy, in my belief, is a little bit better than what it was and has been.»

Jenna MacMillan, who dispose ofs western wear at Lammles, agrees. 

«More companies are celebrating, varied companies are, you know, wanting to get their teams outfitted for Stampede. So unequivocally an increase there, so hopefully a good indicator,» she said. 

More chambers, low vacancy

Lots of rain fell almost every day last year on Calgary’s annual shindig. This year’s sunny days have helped bump up assemblage. 

«Both Tuesday and Wednesday night of Stampede, which is just passed, most of the borough was full with business. So that was certainly something that we haven’t spied in a while,» said Dan DeSantis with the Calgary Hotel Association. 

He implied there are five per cent more hotel rooms in the city this year thanks to a sprinkling new properties opening, and the demand is there to fill them. 

The Stampede wraps up on Sunday. But with free admission to national parks and a low Canadian dollar versus the U.S. buck, it’s contemplated the summer tourist season still has plenty of kick.

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