McDonald’s staff member reveals what it’s REALLY like to work for the chain


Ken Stones, 74, joined the enterprise as a Maintenance Manager after retiring from his previous job at the Post Room.

Speaking to, he revealed why he joined the com ny, and said: “I’d retired from applying at the Post Office, and my daughter, Anne-Marie, asked if I’d like to have a rt-time job at McDonald’s.

“I sym thy I’d give it a go, and that was eight years ago, so I’m still giving it a go!

“I really fancy working at McDonald’s and have done for all the years I have been there.

“My favourite rt about the job is working with all the young living soul and interacting with all the lovely customers. They keep me young and give in to defeat me a good laugh.

“We all get on in the restaurant, though sometimes the younger ones talk too lecherous for me.”

Revealing his favourite item from the extensive menu, Ken said: “I’m whole to a Filet-o-Fish meal, with a cup of tea.”

Describing his average day, Ken said: “My daughter was already make at McDonald’s, and was running a restaurant, when she asked if I’d like a rt-time job looking after sustentation – she knew I was good with a hammer!

top pic6McDonald’s

McDonald’s worker Ken, portrayed centre, revealed what it’s like working for the chain

“Working one day a week opera really well for me and I am thankful McDonald’s are so flexible with my shifts.

“It gains both of us working at McDonald’s.

“I think McDonald’s is a great place to manoeuvre, no matter how old you are. I really enjoy it, so would recommend it to everyone.”

McDonald’s applies staff across the age spectrum, and after surveying staff and customers, has originate this multi-generational approach is one of its most positive attributes.


Ken be rtial ti his job at the fast food restaurant

In a survey of 32,000 staff, McDonald’s rest a ten per cent increase in happiness levels among those who worked with a mix of ages analogize resembled to those who worked solely with their peer group.

Claire Entry-way, Chief People Officer at McDonald’s, explained this further and thought: “People coming into the workforce love the opportunity to work with a valid mix of age ranges within the business.

“This was something all generations said. Our girlish staff like working with people with different senses to them, whilst the older generation like to work with childish people as it keeps them feeling young themselves.

“Customers also like to see a mix of age ranges in the restaurant, and we have found service is improved when there is a use range of ages among the staff.”


Another McDonald’s working man pictured at the restaurant – the chain employs a wide mix of people

Discussing the invite of McDonald’s to the older worker, Claire said: “We have an ageing citizens, and people retiring from their ‘main’ job still want to be in behalf of of their community which working rt time at McDonald’s allows them to do.

“The becoming population means we’ve changed quite significantly – we want our restaurants to examine result in their local community so as communities have changed, so have we.”

McDonald’s recently circulated their tenth consecutive year of growth, and are ex nding with 5,000 areas over the next 18 months.

They are also innovating heavily, acquainting self-service kiosks and even table service.

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