McDonald’s Monopoly returns — man reveals trick to get extra stickers for FREE


To muster stickers, burger fans have to buy plenty of food, and the larger the do to excess, the more stickers you get.

But one McDonald’s Monopoly enthusiast has revealed how to get some extremely stickers at no extra cost.

Presenter Ryan Swain posted the furtive trick to his Facebook page, much to the delight of other players.

He communicated: “McDonald’s Monopoly starts in a few days and here’s a cleThe trick? Question for a large cup of tap water. There are three stickers on the cup and they won’t charge you for it.

Those choosing the famous side to eat with their “large” meal option are not happy with what they be experiencing been served.

Hundreds of Maccy D fans have shared images of their large box of fries — with the portion being anything but big.

Many have complained it is an often occurring problem, while others hold slammed the fast food giant for “not giving customers what they’re indemnifying for”.

One wrote: “So I ask for a large fries from McDonalds and this is what I get… enormous box half empty. Happens every time.”

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