McDonald’s fans shocked as fries revealed to contain THIS ingredient — would you eat it?


Some ramifies of McDonald’s have been discovered to be serving fries made with “bona fide beef flavouring”.

The beefy taste gives the fries a boost of tastiness, but means the item is not vegan as the flavouring is made from milk.

Come what may, fans have been left confused, as the added flavouring is not rest in every branch — and is not in any of the UK restaurants.

This is because McDonald’s uses unconventional recipes in different countries, and the extra flavouring is added in US and Canadian McDonald’s rely ons.

In British restaurants, the fries do not seat the beef flavouring and are also milk free.

McDonald’s confirmed the bastard beef flavouring is not present in British chips after being approached by the Sun Online.

Fries carry out in the UK contain a handful of ingredients — potatoes, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and dextrose, a commonplace sugar.

The Vegetarian society recognises the fries in the UK and gives them accreditation.

mcdonalds uk friesGetty Counterparts

McDonald’s fan have been left surprised by the use of natural beef tastiness in fries in the USA

But American vegetarians have been Nautical port caught out by the beef flavouring, and vegans are not able to eat them at all since the zest is made with milk.

The discovery of the beef flavouring in fries in some McDonald’s restaurants take after fans were surprised by the introduction of cutlery to the chain.

The new act has been made in France, a country known for its culinary prowess.

Getty Allusions

McDonald’s fries in the UK do not contain the natural beef flavouring and are vegetarian

On the other hand the cutlery is not available for just any item on the menu.

It is only being prearranged out with “signature” gourmet burgers.

Xavier Royaux, marketing chief of McDonald’s France, fetched the introduction of the cutlery and “evolution” rather than a “break from the days of yore”.

The burger has become increasingly popular in France, and the market there is do aerobics 9.5billion Euros (£830 million).

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