MB Aerospace wins $1bn order to supply aero-engine components to United Technologies


Broad aerospace engineering company MB Aerospace has secured a $1bn contract from Cooperative Technologies (UTC) to provide complex performance critical aero-engine components and connections.

To be provided under the new ten-year deal, the components will be used across Pratt & Whitney (PW) motor programme.

In addition, MB Aerospace is set to recruit around 160 engineering professionals over the next three to five years to service the contract.

«We contemplate to grow this team to at least 100 engineering specialists to second our customers through the intense period of growth facing the industry in the next three-five years.”

The entourage currently employs 1,600 people at its sites in the US, UK and Poland.

MB Aerospace CEO Craig Gallagher give the word delivered: “The MB Aerospace group has already invested more than $50m in party technology, facilities expansion and in the last year, has recruited an additional 100 new full-time staff members in support of this growth and ahead of the agreement of this exciting decrease.

“Included in our investment in people is a groundbreaking engineering services team of more than 40 complex and programming specialists to support to each of our business units from a important hub located in Rzeszow, Poland, we plan to grow this team to at not any 100 engineering specialists to support our customers through the intense years of growth facing the industry in the next three-five years.”

MB Aerospace provides complex fabricated assemblies to UTC from its East Granby and Warren locates in the US, as well as complex machined parts to UTC from Rzeszow and Sterling Maxima site in the US.

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