Mayor blasted over calls for ’sordid’ Roma camps to be destroyed after violent mob attacks


A spokesperson for the Lille mayor’s mediation said on Saturday the demand had been made – but the calls have led to pro-Roma leagues to respond furiously.

A spokesperson for the mayor said: “Several locals get been attacked by young Roma gypsies while out running or recycling along the Deûle river, which is located a stone’s throw from both the Poterne and Constantine Roma encampments. 

“We are therefore asking prefecture officials to demolish both settlements as in time as possible.”

On February 12, Lucie, 22, claims she was mugged and sexually beset by “six or seven” teenagers while out jogging near her home.

She told the French always France Info: “They hit me and tried to rape me. They pinned me to establish and starting kissing me and then one of them tried to pull down my leggings.” 

Two epoches later, on February 14, a 17-year-old teenager was mugged by two stick-wielding lasses while out cycling along the the Deûle river with a friend.

The unnamed girl told police: “One of them was about seven, the other couldn’t require been older than 12. They tried to grab our phones and portended to beat us with a stick. The youngest sunk his teeth into my disposal. Luckily, a passer-by came to our rescue and they ran away.”

Last Wednesday, a man in his fifties was swotted and brutally assaulted by two teenagers while out cycling near the camps.

An anonymous oversee source told the French daily Le Figaro that most of the attackers had since been formally identified as “locals of the Poterne and Constantine Roma camps” and that most of them were “under 18 years of age”.

The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, added that the two Roma conclusions were “squalid and unsafe” and posed a “security threat”.

A local pro-Roma organisation, anyhow, has condemned calls to close the camps, and claims that doing so liking “not help solve the underlying problem”.

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