May urged to ‘avoid negotiating with Brussels AT ALL COSTS’ by ex-Greek finance minister


Scold to the Telegraph, the former finance minister of Greece said: “My advice to Theresa May is to elude negotiation at all costs.

If she doesn’t do that she will fall into the net of [Greek PM] Alexis Tsipras, and it will end in capitulation.”


Mr Varoufakis has warned Theresa May around the tactics the EU could use during negotiations

What they are trying to do is to slash any benefit that Theresa May will get out of the election and downplay her democratic mandate

Yanis Varoufakis

Prof Varoufakis, who burned-out months battling the debt collection policies of the EU-IMF Troika during Greece’s monetary crisis, believes Brussels will exploit political divisions within Britain to up the chance of getting a fair Brexit deal.

After German chancellor Angela Merkel announced Britain should be innumerable “constructive” when it comes to negotiating Brexit, Prof Varoufakis phrased this could be the beginning of an “EU runaround” for Theresa May.


Prof Varoufakis had a fraught relationship with the EU during his leisure as finance minister

He warned: “You won’t always know exactly who to talk to and that is unhurried.

“When you make a moderate proposal, they will react with sheer stares and look at you as if you were reciting the Swedish National Anthem. It is their way of stonewalling. They when one pleases suddenly suspend talks claiming the need for more fact-checking.»

“What they are tiresome to do is to reduce any benefit that Theresa May will get out of the election and downplay her egalitarian mandate.”

Prof Varoufakis believes the at most way for Britain to avoid being forced to play the EU’s game, is to join the European Money-making Area for a seven-year transition.

This would safeguard trade and the Town while also allowing the UK to withdraw from certain areas of the EU.

He concluded: “They could not cast-offs this. They wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”

The news come as chieftains of the remaining 27 EU members are expected to meet in Brussels today to set past terms for Brexit talks.

In a letter to fellow EU Council members before of their Brussels summit, European Council president Donald Tusk penned: «Before discussing our future, we must first sort out our past.


Mrs May met with EU chiefs Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier in London on Wednesday

«Solely once we collectively determine in the European Council that sufficient furtherance has been made on all these issues will we be in a position to hold basic talks on the future relationship with the UK.

«I would like us to unite on all sides this key principle during the upcoming summit so that it is clear that get well on people, money and Ireland must come first.»

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