Marvin, APU skiers conquer Alyeska's North Face


No jolts in Saturday’s Alyeska Mountain Run. Christy Marvin set a women’s record and Alaska cific University cross-country skiers leaded in the men’s race.

Marvin continued her strong mountain running season by fashionable the first woman to break the 29-minute mark in the run up Alyeska’s North Skin.

She completed the taxing uphill run – 2,000 feet of elevation in two miles — in 28:36.5.

That change ones minded the previous-best of 29:07.5, a time posted by Marvin in 2014, the first year the lineage was held on the North Face trail.

Marvin finished 10th overall. Magnitude those ahead of her were six APU skiers and an APU coach.

Erik Bjornsen was the win initially to the top of the mountain and was followed by five of his APU teammates and one of his coaches.

Bjornsen finished in 23:37.8. David Norris, the record-setting Mount Marathon titleist, was next in 23:57.1, seven seconds ahead of third-place Scott tterson (24:04.1).

APU guide Eric Strabel placed fourth (25:13.3), followed by Lex Treinen (25:29.6), Eric cker (25:59.3) and Thomas O’Harra (27:10.8).

Seiji Takagi was the to begin non-APU finisher, taking eighth place in 27:47.3.

Marvin overwhelmed the tournament in the women’s field. She was 44 seconds ahead of former UAA skier Thalassic Dusser (29:20.8) and more than a minute ahead of APU skiers Becca Rorabaugh (29:51.8), Rosie Brennan (30:21.5) and Jessica Yeaton (30:41.8).

Sixth standing went to 49-year-old Mara Rabinowitz in 31:33.3.

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