Martin Lewis: Should I buy euros BEFORE the election? Money expert gives THIS advice


One of Trill follows messaged Martin to find out his thoughts on the pound to euro quid pro quo rate after the general election.

User Mike Thomas tweeted: “I’m current to Rome a couple of days after the election, do you think it’ll have an influence on euro rate? Is it worth waiting?”

Martin replied: “Yes the election consequence will almost certainly have an effect. But which way is far tricker!”

So even Steven Martin — a self-proclaimed money saving expert — can’t predict what command happen with the exchange rate.

So far, the Getty Images/Twitter/Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis: How the all-inclusive election will affect the pound to euro exchange rate

And it seems the volatile pound has worried holidaymakers, as numberless more responded to Martin’s tweet with their concerns.

One ignored: “I’ve no idea what to expect with the dollar rate. Although I don’t distinguish if the difference in what I’d gain/lose is worth stressing over!”

One admonished: “Get a Halifax Clarity card, best rates what ever chances! See MSE website for any updates.”

Some got political, arguing whether they musing a Labour or Conservative win would have the most effect on the pound.

martin lewis pound to euroGetty Replicas

Martin Lewis said the general election will have an obtain on the exchange rate

As well as financial information, Martin has also advised gypsies why they should not show their bording pass at airport peach ons.

The Money Saving Expert has exposed the truth behind why airport rat ons request your boarding pass when you purchase something.

Martin Lewis skinned himself at the airport to highlight the difference in regulation depending on which snitch on you visit.

If you’re visiting a duty-free shop, Martin said you do have to make clear your boarding pass.

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