Marie Goldby won’t be jailed for “snatching” baby


In 2006 Marie Golby, now 53, abducted the six-month-old daughter of a Romanian gypsy from Athens to the island of Kefalonia, venturing the child was her former partner’s. She was charged with procuring and abetting an illicit adoption but rendered to the UK before a trial could take place in 2010. In December she was threw to learn she was still facing extradition to Greece as she believed the case was reserved more than eight years ago. However, it emerged in court in the UK that the orders against Golby, of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, were never dropped. Westminster magistrates consented that in 2017 a trial was held in Greece in Golby’s absence and sentenced her to eight years in dungeon.

But to her relief, presiding Westminster judge John Zani declined a beg to send her there. He said: “Marie Golby was aware of these doings when she chose to leave Crete for the UK.

“She had been bailed by the court with gets inter alia not to leave her nominated address on the island.

“In my opinion the slight set out in the European Arrest Warrant is clearly serious and in the event of conviction for get pleasure from criminal conduct in the UK a prison sentence of some length may be imposed.”

Approve of that Golby took an overdose in an apparent suicide bid in February because of her venerates over extradition, he said that meant her human rights would be ruptured if she was forced to go with no prospect of a retrial.

The Shirley Valentine-style romance on Kefalonia started in 2005 when Golby met townswoman Giorgos Manentis. She became pregnant in February, 2006, later agony two miscarriages.

The relationship soured and she falsely told Mr Manentis she had given origin to their daughter.

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