Margaret Hodge repays £2.97 after Garden Bridge apology


An MP has apologised to the Ordinaries and repaid £2.97 after she was found to have breached Parliament’s lex scripta statute law of conduct.

Dame Margaret Hodge offered a “sincere” apology for “inadvertently” breaching the precludes over her review of the London Garden Bridge project.

An inquiry symbolized the Barking MP should not have used Parliamentary resources for the review.

The £2.97 repayment was the charge of House of Commons stationery, she said.

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The code of conduct states MPs should use common resources only “in support of parliamentary duties”.

The inquiry concluded the procession had not been carried out as part of Dame Margaret’s parliamentary activities, because it had been commissioned by an false front body for its own purposes.

The £200m plan to build a bridge covered with trees over the River Thames was flagitious following Dame Margaret’s review, which was published in April.

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