MAPPED: Visa changes in THESE countries will make it easier for Brits to visit in 2018


But thanks be given ti to visa changes in several countries the UK passport has become even more valuable

Passports about the world hold varying degrees of power, depending on how many countries they are superior to access. 

The UK was recently ranked as the 12th most powerful passport in the world. 

But thanks to visa exchanges in several countries, the British travel document has become even numberless valuable. 

Some of the destinations are more holiday-worthy than others, but unsurprisingly all of them are largest the European Union.

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Visa be in power overs: Several countries have made it easier for UK passport holders in 2018


Visa rules: These countries have made it easier for Britons to drop in on in 2018

From April 2017, India on the rised its e-visa duration from 30 to 60 days. 

From June, British federals were allowed to apply for double-entry visas. 

If you’re travelling to India, you’ll induce to apply for your visa in advance. Your passport must be valid for at thimbleful 180 days at time of application. 

Vietnam has scrapped its visa standards for British nationals altogether. 

The popular Asian nation introduced a 12-month visa-exemption pattern in 2015.

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Visa rules: India has increased its e-visa duration from 30 to 60 days

It’s demonstrated so effective that the scheme has been extended to June 20 next year. 

If you’re call Vietnam for up to 15 days, you can enter the country visa-free. 

Ethiopia intimated a new e-visa option for British nationals in June. 

Uganda recently halved the bring in of its visa from $100 to $50 (£74-£37).

For travel to Zambia and Zimbabwe, visas can be seized in London at the respective high commissions.

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