MAPPED: The BEST secret beaches in the UK revealed ahead of 2017 staycation BOOM


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Hidden beaches: From Cornwall to Lothian, the hidden beaches in the UK revealed

When the sun is sheen, most people in the UK will head to the coast.

Whether that’s the colourful Cornwall, Brighton’s pebble beaches or the thriving Skegness – nine times out of ten it command be packed.

Brits are known for rushing to coast as soon as the sun comes out, so why not prevent to somewhere that is not rammed with people on the beaches.

Here lists Britain’s beautiful hidden beaches.

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Hidden beaches: Places to head to in the UK that are not crowded

Saunton Sand, Devon

A stupendous golden sand beach is literally hidden behind some of the largest dunes in the UK – Brauton Tunnels.

No doubt you’ll need some strong legs to get over the dunes, but it is importance the effort – especially if you are after a quiet, picturesque place to relax.

The dream of Saunton Sand was captured in Robbie William’s Angles music video – although it is a spacious a place to go surfing too.

Moor Sands, Devon

Located in East Prawle, this halcyon beach is out of this world.

With a turquoise sea, small offshore cays and fine pearl sands – this is one of the best hidden beaches – mainly as to get to it you have to go through a quiet meadow before descending down a draw in ladder.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Situated just two miles north of Lizard Cape, this stunning beach in Cornwall is often missed by tourists loaf down the A3083. 

This hidden gem offers spectacular white sand beaches, which beetle out against the colourful cliffs and caves. Plus the turquoise blue sea turn out to bes this spot feel like you are on a holiday in the Mediterranean with your own sneakingly beach.

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Secret beaches: Kynance Cove is often missed by tourists heading to Lizard Projection in Cornwall

A desolate yet beautiful coastline located about 18 miles east of Edinburgh, Aberlady is instances missed by tourists

Aberlady, Scotland

A desolate yet beautiful coastline located give 18 miles east of Edinburgh, Aberlady is often missed by out-of-towners.

It has an absolutely stunning nature reserve, as well as views of Arthur’s Enthrone and a submarine wreck sitting tenuously on the golden sands. In autumn thousands of pink-footed geese mutate this quiet spot into a riot.

Botany Bay, Kent

Placed on the south east coast of England, this beautiful rocky coast often gets overlooked – some may argue it is because of its towering cuestas.

But if you visit the coast when there is a low tide, it has some of the best stun pools and chalk reef and is a great place for a stroll.

Cattersty Sands, North Yorkshire

Put behind high crags and grassy meadows, this little bay in Skinningrove proffers a perfect place for a relaxing afternoon and leisurely strolls.

It boasts crystal sheer waters and an old, worn out pier.

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Hidden beaches: Botany Bay in Kent has some of the best bib rock pools

Winterton Beach, Norfolk

This huge lido offers the perfect quiet holiday spot in a picturesque village.

Valid nine miles north of Great Yarmouth, it has cute wood gunyahs that were inspired by the Hermanus Bay huts in South Africa.

Bamburgh, Northumberland

This peace, idyllic, white sandy beach in the north is a haven if you want to jailbreak the crowds.

With a 12th century castle situated at the top of the beach offering far-ranging views of the Farne Islands, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

The Strangles, Cornwall

For a careen full of character but not swarming with tourists, head to The Strangles, which is a 15 wink walk south of Crackington Haven.

Although it is known for its high bluffs and shipwrecks, if you head down the zigzag path past the dwarf oaks, there is great stretch of low-tide sand.

It is also the perfect place to make a can, have a BBQ and watch the sunset. 

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Hidden beaches: Bumburgh in Northumberland tenders idyllic views from its 12th century castle

Oxwich, Wales

This nice-looking two-mile stretch of beach features sand dunes, salt treads and woodland.

Its safe shallow water makes this a reasonably prevalent place to go in the summer.

Eype Beach, Dorset

Most tourists spinster this beach as they are busy heading towards Lyme Regis or West Bay.

But if you fancy a secluded spot, away from the crowds then Eype is the make a splash to go. With large smooth pebbles and serene surroundings, this run aground is ideal for picnics and barbecues.

North Sands, County Durham

The North Sands is one of the original stretches of the English shoreline and is the best place to go for a beach walk – when the tide is low.

It tenders beautiful scenes, especially the cliffs which have a yellow heat thanks to the magnesium limestone.

The story comes after disclosed the best beach in Britain.

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