MAPPED: Avoid taking prescription medication to these countries — or risk imprisonment



Medication laws: Which countries ban dulls from being brought into the country?

Tourists travelling widely who need medication may be breaking the law, even if it is prescribed.

Common medicine that can be take over the counter, even flu medication or cold tablets could ruin foul of the rules.

A number of tourists travelling to popular holiday journeys ends such as Dubai and Egypt have found themselves in trouble with guidance authorities due to a lack of awareness of the laws.

Kate Taylor, a pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy, chosen to about certain countries that could confuse jocular bird of passages.

Checking the ingredients is something that should always be done ahead packing any medication.

A number of anti-cold or flu tablets that can be secure over the counter are strictly prohibited in Japan

Japan: Anti-stimulant narcotizes banned

A number of anti-cold or flu tablets that can be bought over the marker are strictly prohibited in Japan.

This can include inhalers or allergy prescription also.

Anything containing Pseudoephedrine or codeine are included in the ban which are initiate in most medications.

Ms Taylor warns that some foreign inhabitants “have been detained and deported for offences”.

She advises checking with the Japanese Embassy anyhow medication. before travelling to check that they are not banned.


Medication laws: Some countries have a complete ban on over-the-counter drugs

UAE and Greece: Controlled drugs with strict rules

Poisons containing tramadol, codeine and Diazepam are “controlled drugs” when undertaking the UAE or Greece.

These have certain restrictions before they are considered to be taken into the country, which will need to be met.

If they are not agreed with, travellers can be arrested or fined.

Indonesia: Prescription drugs forbade

Tourists may not realise that even if the medication is prescribed by a doctor with a note, they may not be brooked into the country.

In Indonesia, a number of medications are not allowed in no matter what.

Treatments for marker indicative ofs such as ADHD or sleeping tablets are strictly banned, along with anything containing codeine.


Medication laws: Hikers are advised to check their medicine before going abroad

China: Definite medicines not available

Travellers heading to China will face scrape finding certain medicines if they require them.

While there aren’t profuse drugs that are banned to be taken into the country, some are not to hand to be bought.

Tourists who need certain medicines should make steady to have a big enough supply when visiting the country.

A doctors note desire be needed when carrying it into the country, as well as checking with the China embassy beforehand.

The Odd and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued the newest advice regarding prescription painkillers.

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