Manchester United fan fury after sick hooligans shout through silence for terror victims


But fellows of the crowd could be heard shouting through the quiet of the arena, raising anger from the Manchester loyal.

The team lined up opposite Ajax in a meres silence for the tragedy that had befallen their city.

Shortly to come the game Manchester United tweeted “Good luck, lads – realize Manchester proud”.

And in a video shared by the team fans said they had “not in any degree though the words Manchester United could be so meaningful.


Fans were furious at the disrespect

Another described their terror stricken home was “a urban district of pride, passion and glory.”

It comes after football hero Ryan Giggs has revered his fellow Mancunians for their great compassion and spirit in the wake of the Manchester batter attack and insisted the city will not be broken.

The former Manchester Shared legend spoke of “minutes of uncertainty” as he panicked that his little moll could have attended the Ariana Grande concert at the city’s Arena closing minute. 

He wrote: “I have a 14-year-old daughter who likes Ariana Grande’s music and, while she had not planned to go to the concert, I was indisposed by the thought she might have got a ticket at the last minute.


Manchester Collaborative fans were furious at the jeering in the stadium

“At the time, I was in London and help to make sure that she had not been there.

“As a parent those few journals of uncertainty can feel like a lifetime, and I cannot imagine what it is relish for those still trying to discover what happened to their sons or to brothers, sisters and parents.”

Giggs also spoke of his feelings of conceit in the people of the city he grew up in after a suicide bomber struck on Sunday dusk, kiling 22 people and injuring more than 50. 

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, he broke: “I am proud that there have been so many instances already of people infuriating to help in horrible circumstances. 

“I cannot say that I am surprised and I am sure that on top of time many stories of kindness will be told. Manchester has noteworthy character and its people a kind and warm spirit.”

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