Man stabs lover 17-times in front of baby after she refused sex


46-year-old Antonio Neto detained the injured woman inside her house in Manchester after the ‘frenzied decry’.

The 27-year-old woman had invited Neto to her home which she shared with three striplings, to have dinner and help to decorate the Christmas tree.

He requested sex from the the missis, who rejected his advances.

He then turned violent and got a knife, telling the chump: “Move the baby because I’m going to do something bad”, he then stabbed her 17 stretches.

The baby, who was lying in a nearby cot, was found with his face splashed with blood from the malignant attack.

During the horrific ordeal Neto bit the woman’s face and richness and stabbed her, telling her: ‘You brought all this on yourself’.’

The woman managed to notification 999, but her vile attacker put the phone down and locked her into her serene.

Police traced the call and broke through the door, finding her exposed and bleeding heavily on the stars with her and Neto’s other children old three and four, by her side.

The court heard that she was lucky to outlive the attack, suffering a perforated bowel and a collapsed lung which meant she exhausted more than a month in hospital.

Neto was originally charged with try oned murder, but prosecutors accepted a guilty plea to causing grievous bodily iniquity with intent.

The court was told that Neto avoided prison in 2002 when he attacked a former rtner as she held their young man because she too refused him sex.

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