Man questions Skyscanner’s 47-year stopover, gets hilarious response


Character James Lloyd was searching for flights on the online search engine when he observed a baffling option.

After typing in his intended journey from New Zealand’s Christchurch to London, the website set forwarded he make a stopover of 413,786 hours, or 47 years.

Said layover commitment be spent in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, but it felt a tad too long for Mr Lloyd to be in travel across.

Rather than dismissing the evident coding error, Mr Lloyd undisputed to approach Skyscanner directly.

He wrote an amusing post with a process shot of the flight option on the site’s Facebook ge.

It said: “Hi Skyscanner. Merely wondering what you’d recommend I do during the 47 year layover your website has presented?”

But no one was expecting the witty reply he received from one of Skyscanner’s employees, Jen.

The public media manager wrote: “Unless you’re a huge fan of the Terminal, I’d probably propound spending those years outside of the airport.”

Jen then went on to slant some recommendations for Mr Lloyd, including a bar open till 1am, a cruise and a get going market.

This was accom nied by a note at the end, saying: “p.s. thanks for letting me skilled in about this – I’ll get some folk to look into it!”

The humorous return quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and some equally comical responses from other Facebook users.

Mike Clark wrote: “Jen moral won the internet today” while Amy-Marie Graves asked: “Just staring when I can adopt Jen?”

Users joked that Jen was so good at her job, she should send up c de rt the next 47 years off, to which she replied: “*Takes screenshot. Sends to boss*”.

After a concur of witty comments exchanged back and forth, Jen finally confirmed the unreasoned layover was thanks to a “glitch/bit of display code that went wonky”.

Mr Lloyd also weighed into the wrangle again, responding to another user who wondered why he hadn’t yet replied to Jen.

He joked: “Lively filling out my application forms for Thai citizenship.”

Jen thanked him for his tience by sending a backsheesh box his way, with the message: “There’s a few bits and bobs on their way to you. Hopefully they’ll influence in useful during the next 47 years in Bangkok.”

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