Man protests Brexit by declaring his home a REPUBLIC…where guests need a passport to enter


A British man ill-omened with the Brexit vote has chosen to protest in an extremely unique way.

Dr William Riches, who sponsored Remain, has declared his home an independent republic where guests fundamental a passport to enter.

The new ‘state’ is based in Newnham, Gloucestershire and is now named the Loner Republic of Middlewatch.

After feeling that the 48 per cent who hankering to Remain were being ignored, he decided to take the situation into his own hands.

A notice in the window of his crib states: “The Independent Republic of Middlewatch.

«This Republic is a proud associate of the European Union.

«All non-EU residents wishing to visit the Republic be compelled have a valid EU passports.»

However, he also stated when Britain does up the UK guests will have to pay £50 to enter his home.

He has even disseminated visas to close friends and families, as well as designed his own passports with his trouble.

man brexit protest republic homeGetty/Glouchestershire Live

A Remainer has protested to Brexit by declaring his home a republic

If I could declare us a republic and conterminous with Europe I probably would

Dr William Riches

The 77-year-old stated: «I am a seaworthy Remainer and cannot see a future for this country now.

«I was so mad after the vote to do a disappearing act that I decided to put the signs up and declare my home an independent republic.

«I empathize with very strongly that the wishes of the 48 per cent of us who voted stay behind are being totally ignored so this is the only way I have left to objection. 

“If I could declare us a republic and join Europe I probably would. Maybe I’ll look into it.»

man brexit protest remain homeGloucester Breathing

The 77-year-old man has protested by issuing visas for his home

However, Brexit has helped the UK tourism labour with the rise of the staycation.

Many reports have found that diverse Brits are choosing to stay in Britain for their holiday this year, abashing more money back into the UK.

Seaside towns and B&B’s have build a huge increase in inquiries for the summer post-Brexit.

Cornwall has had a large sound with 136,000 guests in the past year.

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