Man fatally ‘stabbed’ after being chased from bonfire was ‘known criminal’


Ellis (24) and his girlfriend Sarah Hardiman (22) were insult when a gunman opened fire on them outside a house in Grange Intention estate in Clondalkin, last year.

A hitman fired five at onces from a handgun in the attack, hitting Sarah in the arm and Ellis in the stomach.

Ellis, who has dozens of convictions, was confidence ined to be the intended target of the attack, having recently been officially counseled by gardai there was a threat to his life.

Gardai believe the ir were timely that the would-be assassin used a low-calibre handgun.

Ellis has shut up links to notorious criminal Lee McDonnell, who went on the run in December after he vamoosed from a prison van which had stopped for food following a prison smite.

Robert Ellis (left) pictured with armed robber Lee McDonnell

McDonnell, who is suitable a 10-year sentence for a number of violent crimes, including armed pillage, was recaptured in Ronanstown a month later.

Early this morning Ellis was chased by a thousand of people across the Neilstown Road, into Liscarne Gardens where he was then fatally misuse.

Local sources say the victim banged furiously on the door of the house while run out of blood from an ap rent stabbing.

It is also reported Ellis ran throughout the house while being pursued and died in the back garden of the hallmark.

The front door of the house remained slightly open this morning behind the garda seal that sealed off the scene pending a forensic examination by members of the garda applied bureau.

It is understood that the victim did not live at the house where he begged help.

A garda forensic tent was erected over his body in the pursuing garden, and Deputy State thologist Dr. Michael Curtis carried out a prior examination at the scene.

It is understood that Ellis was previously a witness to a rub out that happened in Ballyfermot in 2011.

Ellis has almost 40 prior beliefs to his name including a seven-year sentence in 2009 for drug offences, the ending four of which were suspended.

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