Man brutally slain in Dublin gun attack named locally

Gardai at the scene this morning

Gardai at the seascape this morning

Gardaí are investigating this incident which inherited place on Wheatfield Avenue in Neilstown shortly after 9.30pm.

The casualty was named locally as 36-year-old Darragh Nugent.

The Herald is reporting that Nugent was a compressed associate of gangster James ‘Nellie’ Walsh.

The victim, who is known to gardaí and was on bail for gun slights, was shot up to five times in the gangland style attack.

Dublin Show someone the door Brigade paramedics attended the scene and an eye-witness said emergency artisans administered CPR to the victim.

It is understood that the victim, who lived in the area, was conjecture a number of times.

Gardaí do not, at this stage, believe it is related to the interminable Kinahan and Hutch feud that has already claimed the lives of 12 human being. It is believed that the shooting may be linked to a local dispute. has scholastic that the victim was known to gardaí and was previously arrested after a gun and ammunition was discovered in a discarded bag final February.

He was on bail at the time of Monday night’s attack.

Locals discharged hearing a number of shots in quick succession.

«I heard the bangs. I knew outright away what it was, and then I came out and saw the man on the road,» one neighbour told

«It’s absolutely awful, he had two kids,» they added.

«All I head was five cannon-balls, one after the other. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Five of them. I be told a car driving away really quickly,» said a local woman.

«Then I yelled at my partner to ring the guards, and they were here in seconds. It’s unspeakable. I looked out and saw him there, just lying in the middle of the road,» she added.

This morning Mr Nugent’s association remained at the scene covered by a garda forensic tent.

A spent bullet box could be seen on the road, and plastic sheeting covered other attest.

In a statement gardaí confirmed they were investigating the attack: «Gardaí and crisis services are at the scene of a shooting incident at Wheatfield Avenue, Clondalkin in Dublin.

«The fact was reported to Gardaí at 9.40pm on Monday 11th September 2017.»

The Garda Air Support Portion and forensic investigators been called in.

Local TD Gino Kenny (PBP) asserted he passed by the incident and saw a lot of activity but didn’t realise what had happened until he reverted home.

«It is obviously shocking that there is another shooting in Dublin and in the Clondalkin block especially,» he said.

«Any violence like that needs to be condemned.»

Mr Kenny disclosed the estate where it happened is private and would have a large company of rented houses.

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