Male teacher kidnapped and raped by gang of women in ‘sperm bandits’ spree



The man was ravished by a gang of women in Macheke, Zimbabwe

The teacher was waiting at a bus stop to go to the unoriginal village of Macheke in east Zimbabwe when a man in a dark blue BMW submitted him a lift.

He accepted the ride and sat in the back with four women, the long arm of the law documents show.

The driver started going in the wrong direction but one of the miss told him they were just picking someone up.

As the driver stopped the car, the man in a trice found himself with his eyes covered by one of the women, while the others retained his feet and hands together.

They then forced him to drink some force from a bottle which he said made him pass out.


The man was drugged by the four broads

The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a dark room with welting around his crotch and his wallet missing.

He claims two of the women then came into the area and demanded he had sex with them.

When he refused, one of them pulled a gun on him and affirmed they would kill him if he did not.

They then repeatedly raped him in front dumping him in a village 30 miles away.


The village is south east of Zimbabwe’s means, Harare

The victim is now in Wedza hospital with multiple injuries after the stated abuse.

Police are now looking for the gang’s BMW, which had a South African registration portion.

A similar incident happened in February when another guide was kidnapped from a bus stop in southwest Zimbabwe, drugged then plundered for hours by three “light-skinned” women who he thinks took away his semen as his penis was black-and-blue marked.

He was left in the middle of the bush and woke up the next morning with no endue clothes and injuries.

“Sperm bandit” crimes, where men’s semen is harvested, take been on the rise in Zimbabwe and South Africa over the past few years.

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