Malaysia election 2018: Mahathir Mohamad sworn in as PM after HISTORIC victory


Malaysia election GETTY

Malaysia has asserted in Mahathir Mohamad as Prime Minister following yesterday’s election

Mr Mahathir’s flak alliance stormed to a surprise victory in yesterday’s Malaysia election, ousting the BN advocate for the first time since the country became independent.

Outgoing Prime Plenipotentiary Najib Razak had appeared to be clinging to power according to early culminates but the Nottingham University graduate’s many scandals appear to have fatally abraded his support in key areas.

Today Mr Mahathir, who previously led the country for 22 years, was cuss trust in in as Prime Minister, jokingly referencing his strongman image by telling photojournalists: “Please remember, I am a dictator.”

Hundreds of Malaysians lined the road outstanding to the palace, waving party flags and cheering with joy – and some succour.

The Election Commission asserted the result long before dawn and there had been some consternation in the peerless Kuala Lumpur over the time taken to swear in the new prime envoy extraordinary.

Official results showed that Mahathir’s coalition won 121 seats, comfortably numerous than the 112 required to rule.

Despite concerns the four in deadly embrace parties had not been officially registered as an alliance, Mr Mahathir was officially renounced in today.

After promising yesterday he wasn’t seeking “revenge” for Mr Najib’s place in a multi-billion scandal, today he promised the country’s financial sector he would demand justice.

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Mahathir Mohamad has been sworn in as Prime Minister of Malaysia

Mr Mahathir utter: “We believe that we can get most of the 1MDB money back.

“We have to increase the self-reliance of investors in the administration.”

One political commentator said the result was a shock on the ranking as “Brexit and the Trump election”.

Aninda Mitra, a senior sovereign analyst at BNY Mellon Investment Supervision, said: “”This upset ranks up there with Brexit and the Trump vote.

Malaysia election GETTY

Malaysia election: Mahathir Mohamad supporters celebrate his outrage win

“I believe the ringgit currency will come under pressure as way continuity will come under a cloud.”

Despite being sworn in today, Mr Mahathir designs to stick to his pre-election promise to pardon a former foe and step aside.

During the run he joined forces with his one-time protege and later rival Anwar Ibrahim, and together their unity exploited public disenchantment over the cost of living and various management scandals.

Mr Mahathir has promised to seek a royal pardon for Mr Anwar if they win the electing and, once Mr Anwar is free, to step aside and let him become prime plenipotentiary.

This marks a huge change in heart from Mr Mahathir, who had sac retired Mr Anwar as his deputy prime minister in 1998. Mr Anwar was soon after jailed accepting charges of sodomy.

Mr Anwar was imprisoned again in 2015, when Mr Najib was prime upon, after another sodomy charge, which he described as a politically occasioned attempt to end his career.

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