Majorca BANS mass pub crawls in major police crackdown on Magaluf drinking


majorca pub crawl

Spanish boys in blue broke up a pub brawl involving 90 Britons along the Punta Ballena lay bare (Image: GETTY)

Police in the resort town on the Spanish island introduced iron-fisted laws that will see binge drinkers slapped with huge fines in an attempt to curb riots sparked by boozing.

Rules now express a maximum of 20 guests are free to take part in booze drives, which have over the years become popular with sun-seeking Britons.

The constant tours must also now take place between 8pm and midnight, according to The Sun.

Ambassador mayor of security, Andreu Serra said the campaign to rid Magaluf of its sickly image centred around the slogan “It’s also your responsibility” and is stressing the lack for “everyone to work together”.

majorca pub crawl

Town hall officials are yet to agree on a papers for the activity (Image: GETTY)

He added: “We must reduce the tourism of surpluses and drunkenness.”

The rules come as a major crackdown on excessive drinking, which has already undertaken Magaluf officials ban happy hours and cheap drink promotions.

Officials wait even stricter rules will clean up the resort’s booze-soaked standing.

Last night, footage was shared on social media showing an army of hundreds of revellers top into town before staggering home in the early hours of the next morning. They were pictured singing loudly in the streets and waking up angry locals.

Earlier this summer, Spanish enforce broke up a pub brawl involving 90 Britons along the Punta Ballena get naked.

Town hall officials are yet to agree on a licence for the activity, the route good pub crawls will now have to take and advertising used as part of the new rules, which eat previously promised revellers wild nights out involving drinking and tea dancing.

Two bars previously involved in organising such activities have been sheered £2,630 (3,000 euros) and £1,320 (1,505 euros) for not having the necessary licence and gulfing conditions of the licence required.

Tour guides, who are both from Ireland, for both embargoes have been each fined £660 (752 euros).

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