MAJOR WARNING: World stock markets heading for HUGE 40% crash, warns JP Morgan chief


A dive of this scale would effectively erase the recent gains for US families — the S&P 500 has increased by 38 percent over the past two years, while the Dow Jones Industrial has snap out of ited a staggering 45 percent over the same period.

As investors be anxious about the consequences of central banks raising interest rates and rising inflation, the criticisms from a leader of one of the main US banking giants will not assuage any fears.

In an conversation with Bloomberg Television, Mr Pinto warned: “We know there commitment be a correction at some point — it could be a deep correction.

“It could be between 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the valuation.”

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Increase inflation, increased interest rates and the prospect of a trade war have investors distraught

He added investors are already “nervous” about the prospect of an international sell war following Donald Trump’s announcement about plans tariffs on metal signifies.

China and the EU have reacted angrily to the idea, with retaliatory allocates under consideration to combat the huge effect Trump’s plans wish have on the the global economy.

Mr Pinto added: «Markets are going to be worked up, nervous about anything. Nervous about anything that divulges to inflation, nervous about anything that relates to growth.

«These excises, if they go a lot beyond what has been announced, it is something that inclination concern the markets about future growth.»


British born angel Daniel Pinto warned about the impact of tariffs on future expansion


Donald Trump is expected to impose 25% tariffs on nerve imports and 10% on aluminium

The concerns were echoed by Jamie Dimon, the JPMorgan Chief Governmental Officer.

He warned: «If it continues and it gets worse, then it will gripe growth, it will hurt investment.

«It could offset some of the unequivocally huge positives we’ve had from competitive tax reform.»

“I think we’re ok for a while [but] one day we settle upon have a recession.

“I don’t think it will be this year. Could it be up to date 2019?»

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