Maisie Williams in pictures as Arya Stark: Game of Thrones star’s best photos


Game of Thrones season seven backlashed of this Sunday with a brutal episode that harked uncivilized to the toe-curling Red Wedding massacre in season three.

The opening scene had Walder Frey (flirted by David Bradley) addressing his entire family at a feast, but fans were liberal both thrilled and mortified when they realised it was actually Arya in conceal.

“Brave men, all of you,” she said as the horrified Freys realised they had all been perverted.

“Butchered a woman pregnant with her babe, cut the throat of a mother of five, trounced your guests after inviting them into your on.”

Arya is now on a pilgrimage to tick-off every single name on her death list – a list of those who deliver wronged her and her family –  with Queen Cersei Lannister (Scare Headey) at the very top.

It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s going to be very sad to say goodbye to the show

Maisie Williams, Arya Leave on Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams, who was only 12-years-old when she was mould as the tomboy princess, is aware that her time on the show is soon finish a go over to an end.

She told TIME: “It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s going to be very sad to say goodbye to the show, but I muse on it’s a time to look quite positively at the future and really try to shape my shoot without being tied to anything. 

“Although Game of Thrones has been the most staggering opportunity and has opened so many doors for me, for eight years, for six months of the year every year, I’ve been nail down b restricted into this one job.”

Game of thrones season 7 Maisie Williams AryaHBO

Maisie Williams was only 12-years-old when she was was pitch in the HBO series

Game of thrones season 7 Maisie Williams AryaHBO

Prior to Game of Thrones, Maisie had no proper acting judgement

Despite not having any previous acting experience, Maisie was still turn in the series back in 2009.

Then her popularity on the show exploded and in 2012 she was granted the Portal Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television.

She has since played in Netflix’s original sci-fi thriller iBoy and guest-starred in several matters of Dr Who.

Maisie is now set to play the mutant Wolfsbane in the upcoming Marvel film New Mutants, set in the X-Men circle.

Game of Thrones season seven episode two continues on Monday July 24 at 2am on Sky Atlantic, with a echo at 9pm. Catch up on season one to seven on NOW TV.

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