Madeleine McCann news: Police chief reveals SHOCK bombshell in hunt for Maddie


The eye-opener bombshell from Colin Sutton who turned down the opportunity to outdo the inquiry into Maddie’s disappearance told a documentary her corpse could be abandoned in any of 600 ancient Portuguese wells.

Now Mr Sutton said: “It’s almost out of the question without specific intelligence that would allow you to focus on a clear-cut area.

“It would be very easy to secrete something there and be awfully confident it wouldn’t be found.”

Forensic scientist David Barclay agrees with Mr Sutton, occupation Praia da Luz, Portugal, “the easiest place to hide a body.”

MADDIE latest: Top cop says it's GETTY

MADDIE past due: Top cop says it’s “impossible”

Maddie vanished from an apartment in the region in 2007, when she was upright 3-years-old, as her parents dined at a nearby tapas restaurant.

Kate and Gerry McCann ends b body optimistic that one day the search will find their missing daughter, who will-power now be almost 15-years-old.

The parents have set up a ‘Find Maddie Fund’ and gathered £728,508 to hire private investigators who can help the search.

Funds collected by the account come mainly from public donations – and if the police’s ‘Campaign Grange,’ which wants to find Maddie, ever stops, then the McCanns blueprint to continue the hunt.

MADDIE latest: The search continuesPA

MADDIE latest: The search continues

Last year, detectives revealed they were pursuing a “critical line of inquiry.”

Family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell voted: “The Met Police will put in a further request for funds if they feel animate still needs to be done.

“Money in the Madeleine Fund gives Kate and Gerry the choice to pick up their own inquiries again, if they choose, with concealed investigators.

“They are very encouraged that the Met Police still on there is work left to be done and they are incredibly grateful to the Almshouse Office for providing an extra budget for the investigation.”

The Family Office approved the extra £100,000 last week, with Exercise functioning Grange funding approved on a six-monthly basis.

Between October 2017-March 2018, the Sway gave £154,000.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Government remains engaged to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

“We have briefed the Metropolitan Monitor Service that its application for special grant funding for Operation Grange on be granted.”

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