Macron’s CRACKDOWN: President sends FIVE HUNDRED police to deal with 20 protestors


Macron broadcasted an order calling for the 221 hectare site to be cleared as he was concerned that the milieu could become a magnet for ecologists and anarchists.

Interior minister Gerard Collomb: alleged: “We don’t want places where there is no law and order in France.”

The protesters are involved the area will suffer from nuclear pollution for hundreds of years to get.

Macron and protesters GETTY

French gendarmes have begun an operation “to end the illegal oppression” of the Leujuc woods

We are on this old oak tree which has lived far longer than us


Three of the protesters, who label themselves “owls”, were arrested during the police swoop and another demonstrator was captured for attempting to throw an incendiary device at police.

One protester told AFP: “We are here because we don’t in need of the Earth to be poisoned.

“We are on this old oak tree which has lived far longer than us”.

Police [email protected]

Police raided the protesters at dawn so the government can start practice

Benoit Hamon, the socialist possibility in last year’s elections, said: “I think it would be better to partake in in dialogue and take a real interest in what the residents of this territory think”.

The protesters have stopped any planned exploratory drilling go well from taking place so far.

French police [email protected]

The protesters have bring to a stop drilling from taking place

President Macron is keen to time down on protester-occupation movements after one last years at a site earmarked for a new come to light near Nantes.

The protesters started camping in the Bois-Lejuc in June 2016, when Andra, the French nationalistic radioactive waste management agency, started clearing the territory and instituting a wall around it.

French protesters GETTY

Protesters gathered in northern France against the woodland evacuation

Mr Collomb jotted on Twitter: “Under the authority of the prefect of the Meuse, an operation led by the national gendarmerie enter oned this morning at 6:15am to end the illegal occupation of BoisLejuc.”

The occupation of the protesters humbled place at the site where ventilation chimneys are to be installed.

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