Macron sparks FURY as he backs SPAIN in Catalonia independence row


The French president reportedly rebuked Mr Rajoy France stands behind Madrid following riots in Catalonia after the Spanish administration deemed the region’s independence referendum illegal. 

The insider said: “The president underlined his champion for Spain’s constitutional unity.»

But the source did not comment on whether Mr Macron had explicitly disparaged the excessive use of force by Spanish police against people attempting to referendum in Catalonia’s independence referendum over the weekend. 

More than 800 people were hurt on Sunday as riot police wielded batons and fired bullets at gathers attempting to cast their ballot in Catalonia’s banned referendum.

Emmanuel MacronEPA

Emmanuel Macon has sparked controversy after appearing to side with the Spanish authority

The president underlined his support for Spain’s constitutional unity


Mr Rajoy, who exacts that the referendum is “illegal”, later hailed the police for carrying out their excises and upholding the law.

However, Mr Macron’s backing of the Spanish prime minister has been fling closed by his left-wing and centrist opponents, who were quick to condemn the violent watch tactics.

French far-left opposition party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon rephrased that Mr Rajoy had committed a “terrible mistake” by attempting to stop the referendum, and hold up to shamed the “inexcusable” use of violence by police.  

Mr Mélenchon also urged Mr Macron’s domination to “step in” and prevent the situation from descending further into confusion.

The Socialist party also said that it was dismayed by the violence, and held Spain to “negotiate a deal” with Catalonia.

Leftist Benoît Hamon disparaged the Spanish government’s “threatening” behaviour, while the centrist MoDem corps echoed the Socialists by denouncing Mr Rajoy’s grave “mistake”.

Hundreds of thousands of in the flesh took to the streets of Barcelona, Catalonia’s regional capital, on Tuesday to denial against Spanish police brutality. 

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