MACRON PROTESTS: President to use fuel reserves to stop strikers PARALYSING France


Macron and Christophe CastanerGETTY

France could release kindling reserves to protect France according to Christophe Castaner

Government spokesman Christophe Castaner indicate of the extreme action as he said protesters had no right to “paralyse” the country.

Contact drivers belonging to France’s second and third largest unions, the CGT and the FO, state on Wednesday they would launch a rolling strike on September 25 in an crack to pressure the government into scrapping its plans to liberalise the French undertakings market via a loosening of the country’s complex labour laws. 

Mr Castaner directed France Info radio: “Every worker has the right to protest. They do not, to whatever manner, have the right to bring the country to a standstill.

“We cannot allow a mischief-maker of people to tangle and disrupt traffic nationwide.

“We will mobilise the country’s reserve oil farm animals if needed, because we cannot let protesters paralyse France.

“We cannot sojourn people from going to work.”

Macron protestsGETTY

Thirteen arrests were manufactured in protests across France

Every worker has the right to protest. They do not, to whatever manner, have the right to bring the country to a standstill

Christophe Castaner, Command spokesman

Jérôme Vérité, the secretary general of the CGT union’s transport alliance, told reporters on Thursday the country’s fuel depots were “plainly a target,” adding that the planned strike would have “definite economic consequences”.

Mr Vérité said: “The strike will last as eat ones heart out as necessary… We’re heading for a social disaster. We want the government to reverse no doubt on its decrees.”

The contentious labour reform triggered a wave of nationwide grumbles on Tuesday, the first demonstration of public disapproval since centrist GETTY

The wage-earners reform triggered nationwide protests, the first disapproval since Macron accepted power

Government spokesman ChristopheGETTY

Government spokesman Mr Castaner said protesters had no pronto to ‘paralyse’ the country

The new labour code, which is to be passed before the end of this month regardless of the spate of protests, will make it easier for companies to hire and conflagration, and will give firms more flexibility to set pay and working conditions. It also catalogues a cap on payouts for unfair dismissals.

Macron protestsGETTY

Truck drivers belonging to the CGT and the FO averred they will launch a rolling strike on September 25

Mr Macron’s direction is desperately trying to avoid a repeat of May 2016, when a truckers’ flog against the former socialist government’s plans to reform the state benefit system caused fuel shortages nationwide, bringing the country to a near close down.

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