Macron in crisis – French president summons top aides for crunch talks as popularity dives


The French president’s honeymoon is as a remainder as his ten-week old administration attempts to steer through a series of unfortunate gaffes and staggering blocks that have damaged his reputation and called his credibility into grill.

Mr Macron has been hit with disappointments, causing the French leader to convene his lieutenants and aides to the Elysee Palace.

It is believed policy mistakes and communications mistakes will be placed under review as he seeks to regain his popularity.

Emmanuel MacronGETTY

Emmanuel Macron is condoning crucial talks in Paris following negative press

And in a further puff an associate of his unpopular predecessor Francois Hollande said there is “disorder” at the Elysee Palace. 

Speaking to Le Monde, an associate of François Hollande, explained: “It’s chaos on all floors. It could almost still be us in power.”

Mr Macron has been stiff to oversee chaotic scenes in Parliament this week after began parties expressed their anger at the amateurism displayed by his Republique En Marche advocate.

Jean-Luc MélenchonGETTY

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has called for protests in September

While the 39-year-old president has bewitched foreign dignitaries during recent summits, trouble has brewed for him on the deeply front.

Mr Macron is said to be unhappy with many of his ministers and his attempts to mimick Barack Obama’s running style have also fallen short. 

A presidential aide asseverated Le Monde: “The president has centralised everything on himself and he is not protected enough.” 

Mr Macron’s carefully choreographed noted appearances have also come under fire with Mr Macron decorating as a Top Gun style fighter pilot and submariner during parades with the armed obliges wearing thin with the French public. 

His party’s disasters be dressed cost him a 10-point drop in approval ratings in just a month, concording to an Ifop survey, the largest fall by a new president since 1995.

A row over promised tax snubs has further harmed the president with French citizens fearing he intent curb benefits after allegedy reneging on an election tax cut promise. 

The reverences were prompted by a series of announcements made by prime minister Édouard Philippe, who was poached from the standard Republicans party.

Although Mr Macron overruled Mr Philippe’s decision to dally a promised relief on property tax, the damage was done and confused citizens turned on the participator as a whole.

Mr Macron’s reputation has also suffered greatly from a downfall in support from the over 50s, with news emerging that a planned tax meet on pensions remains in place.


Mr Macron is popular with period leaders, recently hosting Donald Trump in Paris

The French president’s late-model proposals for so-called migrant hotspots to process asylum requests ahead migrants reach Europe has also been met with confusion. 

And it seems Mr Macron’s factious enemies are revelling in his unhappiness.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a hard left-winger who has be proper de facto opposition leader, has described Mr Macron as “drunk on power”, area of expertise for a nationwide protest on September 23 against what he calls the President’s “group coup d’état”.

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