M5 traffic chaos: Motorway closed on both sides after horror lorry crash – at least 4 dead


Difficulty services rushed to the seen after a lorry crashed through a essential reservation from the southbound carriageway.

Witness Emma Ralley tweeted: “Lorry and railway carriages accident. Just seen the first ambulance leave the scene. “Multiple #EmergencyServices #request for people involved.”

Motorists are expected to face tailbacks for hours as protect and ambulance are on scene deaing with the incident.

M5 traffic crash Express

M5 traffic: At smidgen four people have died on the South Gloucestershire road

There was a lorry entangled with and at least two other cars. One was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped floor

Amer Hamed

Cardiologist Amer Hamed, who was in a car travelling «10 to 20 duplicates behind» the crash, said: «There was a lorry involved and at least two other passenger cars. One was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped over.»

Along with other medically-trained motorists, he put up to help an injured woman.

Dr Hamed added: «People are helping as much as they can. Respective people offered us water and one man came out of his car to give food. We’re going to be stuck here for a few hours yet.»

M5 trafficPA

Both sides of the M5 were secure after a lorry went through the central reservation

Witness Grow Harris write on Twitter: «Bloody hell. Lorry travelling southbound on M5 straight crossed central reservation into oncoming traffic. Does not look piece-goods e freight.»

Chloe Butterick tweeted: «Road still closed #M5. Really sad comprehending #Ambulance after ambulance drive past.» 

Scene pictures register the lorry hanging off the verge of the motorway, with 13 ambulances in appearance.

Ami Upgrade tweeted: “Thinking of everyone involved in the M5 Gloucestershire crash this afternoon.”

Avon and Somerset Enforce said the collision happened between junction 16 near Almondsbury in south Gloucestershire and conjunction 14 near Falfield.

The force said: «Sadly, at least four in the flesh have died.»

The motorway is closed in both directions after the fall which happened at around 2.30pm on Saturday.

M5 trafficPA

There was a heavy control presence following the crash on the M5

South Western Ambulance Service Trust say a critical guardianship team and a dozen ambulances are the scene of the crash dealing with the damage.

A spokesman for SWAST said: “We were called around at around 2.30pm to a high road traffic crash on the M5. 

“There are currently 13 ambulances at the scene comprising a critical care team.”

One lane has since been reopened to earmark some traffic past the scene of the crash, however it is unclear as to whether it bequeath remain open. 

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