Lyme disease symptoms — distinctive rash on the skin could be a sign of infection


The train is believed to affect between 2000 and 3000 people in the UK every year, harmonizing to Public Health England. Experts have said cases of the Lyme illness are set to rise across the UK.

Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick infected with Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

Ticks don’t pass or fly but climb on to your clothes or skin if you brush against something they’re on. In the flesh can be bitten by ticks after walking through long grass.

But the condition is often very difficult to diagnose.

Lyme disease symptoms: A rash like a bulls-eye could be a signGETTY

Lyme bug symptoms: A rash like a bulls-eye could be a sign

Lyme disease symptoms: One in three people will get a rashGETTY

Lyme disease symptoms: One in three people pass on get a rash

This is why many Lyme patients are often misdiagnosed with singular conditions such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, ME, or even dejection.

Early symptoms of Lyme disease often present as a flu-like disease with symptoms including fever and muscles.

The most common evidences of Lyme Disease in adults are flu, headache and aching, fatigue, sweating union pain and light and sound sensitivity.

People can also suffer eccentric skin sensations, including tingling, numbness and itching and even a thick neck.

However there is one symptom in particular experts believe being should look out for.

Lyme disease symptoms: The size of the rash can varyGETTY

Lyme disease symptoms: The size of the ill-advised can vary

They may also request a blood test to determine if you bear Lyme disease

Dr Edward Gaynor, Bupa UK clinical fellow, affirmed: “The most common sign of Lyme disease is a skin rash that looks get pleasure from a distinct bull’s-eye target.

“The rash is usually about 12 inches in diameter and can put in writing between three to 30 days to appear.

NHS Choices said the studied area of the skin will be red and the edges might feel slightly pick up.

It said: “The size of the rash can vary significantly and it may expand over different days or weeks. Some people may develop several rashes in abundant parts of their body.”

However, experts have warned one in three people won’t amplify the rash at all.

Dr Gaynor added: “If you or someone you know are experiencing any of the symptoms referenced above, seek medical advice or visit a GP straight away.

“Your doctor purposefulness likely take a full history and assess you clinical symptoms if Lyme disorder is suspected. 

“They may also request a blood test to determine if you oblige Lyme disease, however, it could take up to eight weeks to be detected in your blood.

“In this turns out that, your GP would usually recommend treatment based on your tokens alone. The good news is that Lyme disease is not contagious between androids.”

“If you do contract Lyme disease, the duration of the infection will depend on a number of deputies, including whether or not you treated the condition early.

“If caught early and treated, being usually take a course of antibiotics for between two to four weeks.”

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