Lung cancer, premature babies – now smoking could also cause THIS


A bookwork of more than 50,000 participants showed an increased risk of perceiving loss among current smokers compared with people who had in no way smoked.
Smoking led to an increased risk of hearing loss that distributed from 20 per cent to 60 per cent.
Researchers analysed facts from annual health check ups which included hearing assay and a life-style questionnaire.
The impact of smoking remained even after close for factors that may have affected the results, such as exposure to occupational spread.
Lead scientist Dr Huanhuan Hu, from the National Centre for Global Healthfulness and Medicine in Japan, said: “With a large sample size, great follow-up period, and objective assessment of hearing loss, our study provides effective evidence that smoking is an independent risk factor of hearing passing.
“These results provide strong evidence to support that smoking is a causal banker for hearing loss and emphasise the need for tobacco control to prevent or wait the development of hearing loss.”
Smoking appeared to affect the ability to perceive both high and low frequency sounds, but the association with high frequency impoverishment was greater, said the scientists.
The findings appear in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Analysis.

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