Lufthansa to recruit over 8,000 new employees this year


Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa is set to engage more than 8,000 new employees this year, most of which whim be flight attendants who will work for various airlines operated by the group.

Of the unqualified recruitment, nearly 2,500 flight attendants are expected to be hired by Lufthansa for its foci in Frankfurt and Munich.

Overall, the Lufthansa Group plans to employ innumerable than 4,000 new people this year.

“Lufthansa is still one of the myriad attractive companies in Germany and is the ideal employer for many applicants.”

Deutsche Lufthansa management board member and HR and legal affairs head Dr Bettina Volkens predicted: “Lufthansa is still one of the most attractive companies in Germany and is the ideal proprietor for many applicants.

“Last year, over 100,000 applications were submitted to the bolt portal”

In addition, Lufthansa undertook 11 ‘flight waiting upon castings’ process, along with its conventional application processes, at year.

Throughout the 2017/2018 training year, the group also undertakes to provide training to 250 new recruits across Germany.

Last month, Lufthansa secured European Commission’s put ones imprimatur on to acquire German regional airline Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter (LGW).

Following realization of the deal, LGW will be integrated into Lufthansa’s Eurowings Group segment.

All the 33 LGW aircraft and employees will also be transferred to Eurowings which recently engaged more than 500 employees, including a large number of flies and flight attendants.

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