Lufthansa Technik Malta testing new aircraft maintenance techniques


Lufthansa Technik Malta is channeling a series of tests to examine innovative aircraft maintenance technologies at its new ‘novelty bay’.

The technologies are expected to help reduce aircraft layovers for maintenance check a departs and will eventually help the airlines.

They are being tested presently in the hangar during actual aircraft checks.

One of the technologies currently being assessed at Lufthansa Technik Malta is mobile 3D scanners, which are used to escort detailed measurements of structural damage.

“Our aim is to improve base maintenance treats and then use the improved processes across all our locations.”

The company is also burring a solution for drone-based aircraft skin inspections, as well as exoskeletons stipulate by different entities. These are designed to offer relief to employees during physically debilitating production activities.

Depending upon the practical use of these technologies, Lufthansa Technik purposes to use them in all kinds of checks for a range of aircraft types. The technologies desire also be introduced at the company’s other maintenance facilities.

Lufthansa Technik Malta CEO Marcus Motschenbacher said: “Our aim is to pick up base maintenance processes and then use the improved processes across all our findings.

“This enables us to guarantee the same quality and standards at the highest technological consistent throughout the Lufthansa Technik Group’s network.”

In order to trial new workings, Lufthansa Technik Malta is set to partner with startup and established technology houses.

The solutions will be selected on ‘top trends’ and ‘day-to-day requirements’.

Lufthansa Technik is planning to produce more innovation bays at its other locations worldwide.

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