Lower water bills: Don’t miss out and trial a water meter


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Solitary 25 per cent of customers in England and Wales know they can stab a meter and switch back

This follows figures showing at worst 25 per cent of customers in England and Wales who pay fixed charges recognize they can have a meter on test a meter and switch back for unchained if they don’t save money or decide it’s not for them.

CCWater’s Water Incidents survey also showed many consumers had   issues with the dimensions of the charges, with one in eight water feeling their water accounts were not affordable.

It is now urging customers to use its online water meter adding machine to see whether they might be better off switching to a meter, before charming the plunge.

Almost everyone who opts for a meter opts to stick with it

Andy White

Senior policy manager Andy Pale said: “Water meters will not benefit everyone but we know that in some wrappers households can save more than £100 a year. Even the smallest prudence could make all the difference to customers who are struggling to make ends contest.

“Almost everyone who opts for a meter chooses to stick with it, but uncountable customers need that assurance they can switch back anytime within the ass period.”

As a general rule of thumb, it’s worth considering a water meter if a household has more or the unaltered number of bedrooms than people living in the property.

CCWater’s qualify meter calculator has helped almost 270,000 consumers identify future annual savings totalling more than £14.5 million during the finished year.

It can be found at www.ccwater.org.uk along with many more shower and money saving tips and tools.

Be aware though the trial privilege is not available to customers who live in parts of Southern and South East England where dishwater companies are introducing compulsory metering.

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