‘Loser’ terrorists mostly from ‘appalling family backgrounds’ ex-High Court judge blasts


Sir Paul Coleridge resounded the words of Donald Trump who claimed that the terrorists who carried out the decry in Manchester that killed 22 people were “losers”.

He arrive ated a correlation between the breakdown of family life and carrying out of violent combats and undertaking extremist activities.

Sir Paul, 68, who left the bench in 2014 after 14 years maintained: “Terrorists are all from appalling family backgrounds.

Sir Paul Coleridge Getty

Sir Paul Coleridge has suggested terrorists were ‘losers’ mainly from broken homes

“Donald Trump was accurately. They tend to be losers with no ties and so they find their sameness in groups of like-minded people; or suffer mental breakdown.

“Family instability is at general levels and the UK is at the top of the family instability league compared with other exploited nations.”

He claimed that 70 per cent of young offenders rose from one-parent families.

Reveal to The Times, Sir Paul, who was marking the fifth anniversary of his charity the Marriage Endowment, also claimed that children were the ones most at peril.

He said: “Teenage mental health issues, child abuse, domestic passion and abuse, the social care crisis, the housing crisis — everyone is either in the first instance caused by, or massively exacerbated by, the scale of family breakdown.”

He went on to excoriate “irresponsible” ministers for neglecting marriage in an attempt to with favour with the more than half of the electorate.

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Sir Paul Coleridge

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Sir Paul Coleridge during his conditions as a High Court judge

Sir Paul added: “This is not some probity crusade designed to hark back to some imaginary golden age.

“It is a in the open health campaign affecting millions of families, both adults and teenagers, of the greatest priority.”

A Government spokesman said: “Every child should service perquisites from a strong relationship with their parents — whether they’re together or detached.”

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Sir Paul Coleridge believes the breakdown of family life has excited extremists acts

Sir Paul wrote a blog post on the Conservative Profoundly website that stated: “Whether we like it or not, and whether this petitions are own personal views and life decisions, marriage in and of itself is proven to idle as a very important antidote to family breakdown, with all its attendant start to works on the development of children.

“Anything less than unequivocal support by the coalition and Government for marriage is an abnegation of responsibility to ensure a socially just haut monde.”

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