Lorraine Kelly weight loss: Presenter reveals how she shed the pounds in NEW fitness DVD


The Scottish TV presenter has undergone a valued body transformation over the last few years, and she credits her trim and toned go for to fitness trainer Maxine Jones and a new found love of dance aerobics.

Preceding the time when her fitness journey began, Lorraine had struggled to find a form of utilization she enjoyed.

But after a friend dragged her to a dance aerobics class while on sabbatical, Lorraine discovered a new ssion for working out.

Back in London, the 57-year-old enrolled in qualifications instructor Maxine Jones’s classes, and three years later she’s not under any condition looked back.

Lorraine said: “I needed to find a way to get fit for life that trained, and one that I actually enjoyed. I also wanted to have fun and that’s where I met Max and detected her amazing class, and it really has changed my life.”

Lorraine and Max have now released their lieutenant DVD called Brand New You – a follow-up to her 2016 fitness DVD, Living To The Max.

The new DVD aims to recreate the tone of Max’s pumped classes for those who live outside of London but are looking to be subjected to the same groundbreaking results.

Lorraine told the Daily Record: “So multifarious people were telling us that they wanted to come to the refinements with us because they looked like so much fun. We wanted to feign a DVD that was exactly like going to a class.”

Max added: “Everyone can be one of the com ny.”

The DVD come in two rts – the first section is an in-depth tutorial on the moves of the workout, which group steps such as ‘funky march’ and ‘shimmy dip’.

Once these take been mastered it’s time to progress to the main workout.

This is fractured into four sections – cardio, upper body, lower consistency and abs.

It’s filmed live with 130 women aged 20 to 70 from Max’s merits throwing their best shapes for the cameras.

Lorraine attends Maxine’s presence three times a week, attending different venues where she teaches.

Maxine’s leap aerobics classes have helped Lorraine lose around two stone settled the last three years.

Although she can’t give an exact figure as she doesn’t be experiencing scales to weigh herself, she’s slimmed down from a size 14 to a evaluate 10.

Lorraine: Brand New You came out on December 26 on DVD and is available on digital download.

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