Long-haul flights with other airlines can now by booked through EasyJet



EasyJet threw down the dare to established network carriers such as British Airways yesterday

The FTSE 100 visitors is initially partnering Norwegian and WestJet to offer flights to North and South America and the Far East during its main hub, Gatwick, in what it claims to be the first global airline bonds service by a European low fares airline. 

It is in advanced talks with Asian and Creek carriers and said more connections will be rolled out at other airports such as Milan Malpensa, Geneva, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris Charles De Gaulle. 

The retail for connections at international hub airports is currently dominated by big global airline connections such as Oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance, which offer interplays through code-share agreements. 

Now we can access a greater selection of passengers flying across Europe

Dame Carolyn McCall

EasyJet chief official, Dame Carolyn McCall, said: “Around 70 million riders flying through an easyJet airport each year are connecting on to other swarms, mainly long haul, and it is this segment that Worldwide by easyJet determination open up for us.

«Our own customers and those who fly with other airlines have also begged us to make it easier to connect with our flights and this simple order platform makes it easy for them to do so.

«Now we can access a greater range of riders flying across Europe.” 


Dame Carolyn: ‘A chance to reach out to various passengers’

EasyJet’s chief commercial officer, Peter Duffy, judged: “This will open up lots of new competition for long-haul travel and purposefulness drive prices down.” 

About 200,000 passengers a year couple from one easyJet flight to another at Gatwick, but they have once upon a time had to book each flight separately. 

The airport’s Gatwick Connects putting into play will be integrated into easyJet’s website, although customers settle upon still need to transfer their own bags between connecting journeys. 

Liberum analyst Gerald Khoo said: “EasyJet appears to compel ought to stolen a march on Ryanair, which has been working on similar concepts and instituting much noise, but less progress.”

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