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A cycling trip is a responsible event and it is very important to get ready in an appropriate manner. With a good human environment and with your bicycle ready you always face a question: what would I take? The answer depends on the time of the year and the length of the route and climate of the location. There is no list to serve in every situation. Certainly there are some things you really need, but you will have more additional things and this is up to you what exactly you will take.

The sleeping bag

No way to travel without a sleeping bag. Now the shops provide an enormous set of sleeping bags to fit any taste, color and natural conditions. A usual light sleeping back is OK for a summer trip and warmer models are good for autumn and winter. Don’t take a winter bag for a trip in the summer, or you will have extra weigh for your entire way. It is a good practice to put mats made of polymer under a sleeping bag. It is really practical and this is OK to sit and to lie upon if the weather is wet and cold. It is important to select a mat according to the temperature range. The warmer is the weather it is useful for, the less is the weight. The experienced cyclists advice to buy harmonica-shaped mat, not the one they usually wind – this is the question of luggage s ce available. You may have a summer tent to protect yourself from mosquitoes if it is warm enough.

What to wear

Clothes indeed depend on the weather and can be divided by 2 groups: clothes to wear while riding and that to be worn while relaxing. Selection is rather individual. If affordable, you can buy clothes made of high-tech and light materials. The upper layer of what you wear has to allow body breathing, but it has to protect from wind and moisture, too. The task of this layer is to put moisture away and preserve the body warmth. Fleece fabric is perfect to perform the function.

The underwear must be as dry as possible, but for long cycling trips it is not recommended to buy special under nts. Regular boxers will fit the purpose. Here is a list of the clothes to take. – Socks and under nts, no more than 3 or 4 items. The underwear must be washed when there is an opportunity to do and dried during the night sleep. To avoid putting on cold clothes in the morning, experienced travelers’ advice to place them into the sleeping bag. As for the socks, they must be made of cotton and you should have white ones in the summer and black ones in the winter. – Coat or windjammer with different levels of protection from wind and water — that depends on the season. – Cycling or jogging shoes; take 2 irs: consider one to wear and the other to change. It is not a good idea to take rubber shoes in the summer, but they can be useful in the autumn. – A baseball cap to protect yourself from the sun. – Special net or headscarf to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects. – Some T-shirts (at least one warm) and a sweater (avoid taking it in the summer). – Cycling gloves, cycling glasses and the helmet.

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