LONDON TERROR ATTACK: Manhunt for key suspect behind Parsons Green Tube explosion


The the coppers identified a man believed to be the bomber after looking through CCTV footage.

But they beget not yet released any further information about his or her identity and a manhunt is still underway.

ISIS be experiencing claimed responsibility for the terror attacks saying an «attachment from their club was responsible.»

And, police are hunting for the terror suspect across London after maintains emerged that he could have planted other explosive thingumajigs. 

The crude improvised bucket bomb was left on the District line on the Tube and detonated at Parsons Immature at 8.20am this morning.

Frightened passengers were left insured in blood, suffering from scorched body parts from the mushrooming.

Others got crushed in a stampede as they tried desperately to get off the train when the tube doors get went.

At least 29 people have been injured in the blast which was triggered with a but, police said. 

Parsons Green terror attackEXPRESS

Parsons Green terror attack: Police own identified a suspect in the London underground bombing

Images of the explosive that were interested on social media appear to show a bucket placed in a Lidl shopping bag with wires belly out.

Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic as the blast sent a «fireball» and a «enclosure of flame» through a District line service at Parsons Green bus station in West London.

Police suspect the explosion was sparked when an improvised inflammable device was detonated, and have launched a huge counter-terrorism investigation alongside MI5.

The contrivance is being forensically examined while detectives are scouring CCTV and questioning witness statements for potential leads.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan ascertained LBC radio «there is a manhunt under way as we speak», while Scotland Yard claimed detectives are making «fast-time» inquiries to establish who was responsible.


Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the «dastardly attack», saying it involved a device «clearly intended to cause substantial harm».

And Britain faced up to another terrorist incident, following four denigrations already this year.

The Prime Minister said the terror danger level would remain at severe — meaning an attack is highly likely — but longing be kept under review.

At 8.30pm GMT, the Prime Minister raised the resident threat level from severe to critical.

Theresa May said: “The Union Terrorism and Analysis Centre, the independent organisation responsible for setting the menace level on the basis of available intelligence, has now decided to raise it from strait-laced to critical.

 bucket bomb PA

The improvised bucket bomb was left on the Tube at Parsons Verdant

She said: “This means that a further attack may be imminent. Reflecting JTAC’s decision, the police have asked for authorisation from the Secretary of Cover to enact part of the first phase of operation Temperer. This is a fountain-head established plan to derive military support to the police.

“Military personnel are prospering to replace police officers on guard duty at certain protected spots that are accessible to the public.

«The public will see more armed administer officers on the transport network and on our streets providing extra protection and this is a proportionate and prudent step which will provide extra reassurances and protection while the review progresses.”

She then urged the public to go about their “business in a orthodox way.”

Police on trainPA

Police are hunting for all suspects involved in the terror attack

Assistant Commissioner Specify Rowley, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, said «scads urgent inquiries» are ongoing.

He said: «We now assess this was a detonation of an contrived explosive device.»

Asked if it was clear whether the person responsible was on the teach at the time, Mr Rowley said: «It’s very much a live investigation and we are investigating down the lines of inquiry as I said.»

At 8.55pm GMT, Mr Rowley added: “We’re dreaming excellent progress at the moment. It is a very complex investigation that continues at career.”

The Met chief said that he has hundreds of police officers trawling during CCTV footage to catch the bomber.

At least 77 images and videos obtain been sent in my members of the public.

The improvised explosive device has been facilitate a make up for safe on the tube.

He also said that the military would be on the in someones bailiwicks in a bid to protect the public.

He did not release any further details on any potential suspects.



Mr Rowley said Londoners can expect to see an «enhanced police self-possession» and called on anyone with information to contact authorities as a matter of emergency.

The blast comes as the UK remains on high alert following four subversive attacks so far this year.

Authorities have foiled 19 allotments since the middle of 2013 — including six since the Westminster atrocity in Cortege.


A huge counter-terrorism investigation is underway alongside MI5

And, the incident comes a day after participates showed terror-related arrests in Britain have hit a new record high, with fancies held at a rate of more than one every day.

Police and MI5 are running 500 investigations entailing 3,000 individuals at any one time, while there are also 20,000 antediluvian «subjects of interest» whose risk must be kept under review article.

Steven Roberts, a former deputy assistant police commissioner for the Metropolitan Watch told Sky News: “We’re very fortunate because the bomb maker was ineffectual. The worst case scenario could have been a huge aggregate casualty scenario. We should all thank our lucky stars that this was not the if it happens.

“My former colleagues will work outwards from the bomb itself, the bombard, because it didn’t fully detonate, will have a whole series of tips in it — how was it made? Possibly even finger prints on the bucket and the bag, they’ll assessment all of the witnesses that were on the train. 

“What did they see? Did they see someone stage a reviving that bag onto the train? They’ll be looking at CCTV from the caravan itself and trying to get good images of the person who put the bomb on the train. 

Parsons Green terror attackPA

Forensic rigs are combing through the evidence on the train after the attack

“And, then free out further from that to trace where that person got on the queue and where that person got off the train. And then, it’s a matter of skimming wholly the CCTV on the stations where that person has exited and entered. 

“And then to the broader community accurately out to the public CCTV to check on whether or not he passed various cameras on the avenues or buses. So, there is a lot that can be done to get good images of a person. 

He continued that they can trawl mobile phone footage to identify the expect and then launch a manhunt for him or others who may have helped him or known what was succeeding on.

“We can’t presume that the bomb maker was the bomb planter,” he added.

police search bomberPA

Control will now hunt for clues to catch the bomber

The installation of CCTV cameras on the London Extremists network could play a key role in finding the perpetrator of the Parsons Unripened explosion.

S7 trains such as the one involved in Friday’s incident have video cameras instituted inside all seven carriages.

There are a total of more than 12,000 cameras across London Surreptitious’s stations and trains.

The footage is managed and recorded locally, although British Transport Policemen say they can also view much of it at their hub to «develop intelligence alongside particular locations and suspects».

CCTV can allow them to «identify and stalk suspects» and provide «powerful evidence in court», according to the force.

Detectives could shine footage from the tens of thousands of cameras across London as a by in a bid to trace whoever is behind the blast.

injured Parsons Green attackPA

At least 29 people were hurt by the crude bomb left on a crowded train

As police work difficult to track down the suspects behind the attack, a spat broke out between US president Donald Trump and Theresa May after he claimed that the perpetrators of the Parsons Verdant Tube bombing had been «in the sights» of Scotland Yard.

After benching a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee, the Prime Minister foretold it was not «helpful» to speculate on what was an ongoing investigation.

She said the police and custodianship services were still working to identify those responsible for the denunciation on the packed commuter train.

The president’s intervention threatened to place clean strain on the US-UK intelligence-sharing relationship which has come under problems a number of times since he entered the White House.

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