London on edge: Capital goes into terror meltdown .. but there’s no gunman


For an hour and half full-scale felon procedures kicked in as roads were blockaded, Tube stations were locked-down, and colleagues of the public were herded into stores.

At luxury department preserve Selfridge, doors were bolted tight against the threat of a fashioned gunman on the loose.

However, 90 minutes later it emerged there were no body counts and no gunman.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers had not found any suspects or any evidence of shots being fired at the station in Oxford Street — which has since reopened.

Police initially said they were treating the incident as if it is terror-related — but be dressed now stood the operation down.

The massive security operation was indicative of a diocese on edge – with officers ready to lockdown streets at the first important of terror.

Black Friday sales saw one of the capital’s busiest shopping light of days of the year and scores of shoppers were reported on social media to include fled screaming.

Even singer Olly Murs tweeted he was accoutermented in a Selfridges central London department store and said: «F**k everyone get out of Selfridges now gun like a flashes!! I’m inside.»

«Evacuating store now, f**k heart is pounding. Really not sure what’s cooked! I’m in the back office… but people screaming and running towards withdraws!»

Video from the scene shows panicked commuters and shoppers escaping the famous shopping strip as emergency services flashed by, with diverse people screaming and in tears as they hid in nearby shops.

Lanna Woodward, 20, from California, who is visiting London symbolized she witnessed the aftermath of panic.

She said: «Before it all I saw about 30 patrol officers speeding down the street.

«We were in the Kingdom of Sweets and then saw a oversized crowd of people running and screaming.

«People were climbing on top of each other.

«The hold we were in was locked down, the manager wouldn’t let us leave — they said there had been a assassinating at the entrance of the Tube station.»

Oxford Circus: Police barricaded shopsREUTERS

Oxford Circus: Police barricaded stores

Oxford Circus - shoppers fleeTWITTER

Police formed a blockade around Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus: Police at the tube stationPA

Armed watch were called to reports of gun shots

Reports of a bomb scare, unite attacks and gun shots flooded onto social media as panic leaded on the busy shopping strip.

But over an hour later, the incident was withstood down with nobody any wiser as to what actually sparked the mass-evacuation in Britain’s important.

However it is thought the «shots» could have been an «electrical knock excessively».

BBC reporter Chi Chi Izundu, who was locked in clothing store Zara, tweeted: «Being advertised an electrical fault may have been mistaken for a gun shot” — just overheard on the custodianship guard’s radio.»

The scare comes amid a year which has catch sight ofed Britain be hit hard by horrific terror attacks.

The threat level to the Collaborative Kingdom from international terrorism is currently ‘Severe’. This designs that a terrorist ‘attack is highly likely’.

Oxford Circus and Oxford Street incident - policeREUTERS — WENN

The coppers rushed to investigate the Oxford Circus and Oxford Street incident

The extemporized bomb on a London Underground train at Parsons Green station on September 15 did the number of terror incidents in the United Kingdom this year to five.

The first paroxysm took place at Westminster Bridge on March 22, leaving five people exact including police officer PC Keith Palmer.

Terrorist Khalid Masood actuate a rental car into pedestrians on the bridge before stabbing the police fuzz to death at the entrance to Parliament. 

Around 50 people were maltreated in the dramatic attack and Masood, a 52-year-old British man, was shot dead by other office-bearers.

Exactly two months later in May, a bomb exploded just outside Britain’s Manchester Arena as people were remaining an Ariana Grande concert. 

Dozens were injured in the sick condemn and 22 people, including children, were killed by bomber, Salman Abedi.

Oxford Circus: Armed polcieSKY Information

Armed police stormed Oxford Circus tube station and Selfridges

Oxford Circus: ShoppersWENN

Panicked shoppers hid after contest away screaming

The 22-year-old British national of Libyan descent, also was dulled, police said. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

On June 3, eight woman were killed and more than 40 injured when three high-pressure a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing amuck at bars at nearby Borough Market.

Police named the attackers as Khuram Shazad Meet interfere, 27; Rachid Redouane, 30; and Youssef Zaghba, 22.

ISIS requisitioned responsibility for the attack.

And on June 19, a man drove a van into a group of ordinaries who had attended late-night Ramadan prayers at London’s Finsbury Park Mosque, the Old Bill said, killing one man and injuring 11 other people.

Police interrupted Darren Osborne, 47, a resident of Cardiff in Wales, on suspicion of slaying and terrorism offenses.

No one was killed in the Parsons Green terror attack but profuse than 25 people were treated at hospitals for injuries, most obviously the result of flash burns, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Get ahead Rowley said.

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