Lockheed Martin develops new solar array for LM 2100 satellite platform


Lockheed Martin has dispatched developing the first flight build of its new multi-mission modular (MM) solar array, which has been formed for the LM 2100 satellite bus platform.

The reconfigurable solution is capable of delivering 50% uncountable power and is 30% lighter than the previous rigid array conspiracies developed by the company.

It also features higher power levels than older moulds and is fitted with thin, flexible sheets for reduced weight and lot, which also give the system compact stowage capabilities.

The MM Array’s man-made polymer material is 0.002in thick, while typical rigid panels are elbow at a thickness of 0.75in to 1.5in.

The array is also capable of reducing charges and offering easy configuration changes for different mission applications.

It is expected to be foremost used to develop Lockheed Martin’s LM 2100 series of satellites, but on be easily adaptable to build other types of spacecraft in future.

Additionally, the MM Array classifies improved solar cell and component technologies, and can carry out better contriving and testing by using robotics and other advanced manufacturing techniques.

«These arrays are individualistic and reliable at a fraction of the weight and stowed size, which lets chaps pack more payload capability into the satellite.»

Lockheed Martin Range Systems manufacturing director Wahid Azizpor said: “The new arrays can manufacture 20kW of energy in orbit, enough to power an entire home. 

“These new arrays extricate enough energy for even the most advanced communications or remote getting payloads.

“Built on an innovative flexible material, these arrays are broken and reliable at a fraction of the weight and stowed size, which lets characters pack more payload capability into the satellite.”

The MM Array has also advanced Lockheed Martin’s talents to fly flexible arrays on various programmes, including the International Space Appoint and a constellation for the US Air Force.

Image: The first Multi-mission Modular Solar Array unfurls at Lockheed Martin’s locality in Sunnyvale, California, US. Photo: courtesy of the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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