Loblaws reverses decision, will continue to sell French's ketchup


Loblaws’ squash on condiment giant French’s is over — after just a few days.

Loblaws on Tuesday canceled its decision to stop stocking French’s ketchup and will continue to do so at all its inventories, which include Zehrs, No Frills, Superstore and more.

The grocery confinement decided to drop French’s ketchup last week, saying the condiment was not hot among consumers, but public outcry appears to have forced Loblaws to backtrack.

“We’ve understood our Loblaws customers,” said Kevin Groh, vice president of corporate affaire de coeurs and communication.

“We will re-stock French’s ketchup and hope that the exuberance we are seeing in the media and on social media translates into sales of the offering.”

Citing low demand, Loblaws told CBC News on Monday it had decided to abandon the line from its shelves.

French’s, most famous for its mustard, recently started its ex nsion into the ketchup industry. Earlier this year, it give indication of to only use tomatoes grown in Leamington, Ont.— the self-proclaimed Tomato Capital of Canada — and other hint ats of southwestern Ontario.

French’s gets its tomato ste from aliment processor Highbury Canco in Leamington and ships it to Toronto and the U.S. where it is acclimated to in ketchup.

A facility in Toronto manufactures the food services ketchup. What ends up for available on grocery store shelves is made at a plant in Ohio.

Highbury Canco serves at the former Heinz plant in Leamington.

In June 2014, Heinz ended in Britain artistry in Leamington, where it had been making ketchup since 1909. Virtually 1,000 workers, including seasonal employees and tomato farmers, were assumed by the plant’s closer.

Highbury Canco quickly moved in about a year later and began occasioning for Heinz and other food com nies, including French’s. The com ny now utilizes more than 400 people.

Leamington Mayor John terson called the state of affairs “emotional.”

“When we found out French’s was moving to 100-per-cent Leamington-grown and Leamington-processed tomatoes, it was a pulsation to us,” he said.

terson was just as delighted with Tuesday’s hot item that Loblaws will continue selling French’s ketchup.

“I’m selfsame happy. It’s good news for Highbury Canco, good news for French’s and sym thetic news for farmers,” he said.

Social media has been abuzz near French’s ketchup for months. Some called for a boycott of Heinz. Others shouted for a boycott of Loblaws this week.

“To have all the social media capture off the way it did, by totally innocent people, and the response it generated, has been great,” terson hinted. “It’s very easy to get caught up in it, it’s an emotional topic.

“You don’t want to say, ‘blacklisting Heinz’ when they’re still producing quality products here in Leamington with attribute Leamington tomatoes.

“I hope people remember the history Heinz fathered in this community and the good they did for all of us over those 100 years.”

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