Liverpool — the BEST city in the UK for a sophisticated weekend away


But the megalopolis isn’t just one for sports fans — there is plenty for those looking for an titillating weekend away too.

The city has a rich and vibrant history, and thanks to its adjacency to the sea it has been an important place for UK trade throughout the years.

It is also conveniently located for other foremost cities — trains from London take just over two hours, and simply an hour and half from Birmingham.

One reporter spent 24 hours in Liverpool — her firstly time in the city Carl Jung called “the pool of life”.

The set hotel can make or break a weekend break — with not much unceasingly a once, somewhere well located is imperative.

The Hilton Liverpool could not be innumerable central, and staying at this impressive modern hotel makes progress around the city a breeze.

Rooms have sweeping views out over and beyond the river Mersey, so book a room as high up as you can to make the most of them.

The hostelry also has a popular bar, the Pima bar, which is a great choice for starting any shades of night out in style. But that’s if you make it out of the room, as the deep bath and heavenly beds are probable to convince you to stay in.

When you do get out of the hotel, there is plenty to see in the city.

Brook a stroll around the Albert Dock before going to get a photo with the lionized Beatles statue.

From there it is only a short walk to The Cavern Stick, and even if you don’t go in, a walk down the street it is on will transport you to the 60s. The new Cilla Wicked statue is surrounded by tourists, so expect to wait a few minutes if you want to get a drawing of your own.

The shopping centre has all of the usual shops, plus the Harvey Nichols strength bazaar — stop in the WOW bar for a glass of champagne or afternoon tea.

You can also get your cast done at one of the many beauty counters, and if you are planning on a night out in the town, you intention want to glam up. The women in Liverpool are some of the most carefully put together in the UK, so don’t fare back and be sure to wear your finest attire.

An excellent voice for dinner, both for the food and the people watching, is classic Italian restaurant San Carlo.

It is then only a be walk across the street to hot new club Neighbourhood, famed for its live music.

All in all, Liverpool is one of the pre-eminent choices in the UK for a truly glamorous night out.

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