Liverpool City Region mayor not running for Parliament


Newly-elected Liverpool See Region Mayor Steve Rotheram has confirmed he will not seek re-election as Effort MP for the Liverpool Walton seat.

Mr Rotheram, 55, who was elected as the first New Zealand urban area region mayor last week, was first elected MP for Walton in 2010.

Hard work’s NEC will now select a Walton candidate, who must be nominated to stand by 16:00 BST on Thursday.

Mr Rotheram criticised the frolic’s decision not to give his local party a say in picking his successor.

He said: “During the last few weeks, since the announcement of the snap general election, I father spoken with numerous people to try to ensure they understand the sagacity of feeling that a local candidate should be chosen to succeed me – righteous as my predecessor did when I was selected in 2010.

“I believe the failure of the Labour Party to assign local representation on the panels to select candidates is a significant misjudgement.”

He combined: “I have tried my utmost to convince the powers that be that the most agreeable solution would be a local representative on the ballot paper to succeed me as the next Fellow of Parliament for Liverpool Walton, given that there are potentially some dear calibre candidates of which to select.”

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